Jennifer Gebbie, Inbound Marketing Guru

After 7 years in the corporate world I was done. I was tired of feeling handicapped and not being in 100% control of my destiny. 

Leaving a six-figure paycheck, health insurance, and benefits was a scary jump to take, but it was the best career move I ever could have made. Imagine a career with no alarm clock, no traffic, an office wherever you want to make it, and deciding who you want to spend your time working and investing in each day. Sounds like a dream fantasy doesn’t it?  

When I set out with the intention of creating a life I wanted to LIVE, I allowed for new doors to open and great things to come into my life. I visualized the future I wanted and didn’t take the naysayers with me. Today I align my passion with my real world experience and now I’m living in the perfect storm. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, sharing my #TrueGlutenFree story, leveraging my inbound marketing knowledge, and partnering with a top network marketing company, I can now wake up each day doing what I love. 

I’m looking for other rockstars to join my team and I’d be honored to share this gift with you. If my story resonates with you, connect with me and lets schedule a time to chat! | 802-249-2670


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