What EXCITES you NOW? 

Don't leave your greatness within the walls of your cubical and only access them from 9-5. 

We all have greatness in us, however many of us lack the time or confidence in ourselves to see it. Journaling and/ or Morning Pages is a great way to uncover what makes you unique and what attracts people to you. Here are some topics to think about: 

What are you passionate about? 

If time or money wasn't an issue what would you spend your time doing? 

What are the qualities of the people you like to hang out with? 

What are the qualities of the people you'd rather not spend your time with?

What kind of energy are you feeding to the universe today? 

What type of energy is the universe giving back to you? 

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
— www.JimRohn.com

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