What is Inbound Marketing? 

I guarantee you participate in this action multiple times a day and you don't even realize it! How many times did you go to Google today and search for something? We have become a "Google It" society. And when you found what you were searching for, did you make a purchase, enroll with their newsletter, or cookied and followed by the search engine so the same product/ service you were researching is now on your Facebook page? This is the power of Inbound Marketing.... 

What Inbound Marketing IS 

  • Communication is interactive and two-way. 
  • Prospects find you via search engines, referrals, and social media
  • Entrepreneur provides value. 
  • Entrepreneur is there to educate and entertain.  

What Inbound Marketing Is NOT

  • Communication is one-way. 
  • Prospects are sought out via print, flyers, radio, banner advertising, cold calls. 
  • Entrepreneur provides little to no added value. 
  • Entrepreneur rarely seeks to educate or entertain. 


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Inbound Marketing 101

               MUST READ!! Click To Download the Kindle Version.

               MUST READ!! Click To Download the Kindle Version.

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