Are You Still Living In The Industrialized Age? 

Are you a modern slave? Do you work 9-5? Do you need approval for your lunch break? Do you only get 1-2 vacation weeks a year? 

FACT: Every Monday morning there are 33% more heart attacks than any other day of the week…

We are an unhealthy, stressed society, and we are going flat broke! 

Eric Worre, leader in the Network Marketing Profession, did a great documentary on the topic of entrepreneurship. Check out the Rise Movie to hear more about how our economy is stuck in the Industrialized Age and how this is affecting the working class. 

If you were like me, you were probably lead to believe that by going to college that you would have an amazing career opportunity waiting for you. You might have also been pressured to get your masters degree so you could get a a better job and make more money. But what you were taught was the financial obligation behind it all and how long those college loans would chase you. You probably weren't told that for the first time in our economy's history, student loan debt is great than credit card debit. Today student loan debt is over 1 trillion, and that is not a debt that the government will overlook. 



We Are All Living In The Shift Age -- So Lets Act Like It! 

Are You The Future?

Did You Know . . .

There are 7.2 billion humans on the planet

 and 6.1 Billion humans have cellphones?


If you are a Millennial (born between '81-'97) or Digital Native (born between '97- current), then YOU are the future of this world. Did you know that this generation is 3 MILLION times larger than the baby boomers? 

David Houle, renowned futurist, thinker, and speaker predicts that there will be a greater transfer of power, authority, and influence in the next 10 years than any other time in history from the baby boomers to the millennials. He talks about three driving forces that are influencing our future: 

  1. Global Stage of Evolution - we are in a flow to be GLOBAL! 
  2. Flow of the Individual - we are all more powerful today than we ever have been before because of the explosion of CHOICE!
  3. Accelerated Electronic Connectedness of the Planet - we are ALL CONNECTED. 


FACT: 83% of Women Who Make Over $100k/year Do It In Network Marketing
80% of People Purchase From Direct Selling..........